Heading Back Home

DD took me to a place near the airport and had a bowl of rice and chicken at a Greek place.  I had Kebobs and DD had Shawarma.  I think I like Shawarma better.   Then to the airport.  Uneventful flight which is the kind I like.  And now I am back home ready to start the new semester and the new year.

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Awesome lunch with the older generation of my family!

I went to lunch with my older generation which are Bonnie, Carol, Jean and DD at Souplantation.  It was nice hanging out with them on my last day in So Cal.  Then back to DD’s and packed.  Also hung out and watched TV with DD.

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Seeing the Rose Parade Live

So DD and I got up at 4a to drive to Pasadena to see the Rose Parade.  We had bleacher tickets and neither of us had seen it like this before.  It was not easy getting up since it was hard for both DD and I to fall asleep.  I happened to look at the time and noticed that it was 10 minutes to midnight.  So I grabbed my Mac Book and found a New Years countdown.  I have never missed the ball drop in my adult life and was not going to miss it this year.  So I watched the countdown go down to zero and then heard fireworks outside.  The big ones I assume were near the Queen Mary and lasted for 10 to 15 minutes.  When they finally stopped I was able to fall asleep.  I found out later that was when DD fell asleep also.

So we got up at 4a and drove to Pasadena.  It was an easy drive since there was only a few cars on the freeway at 4 in the morning.  Followed the directions to the parking garage and found the bleacher we would be sitting on.  We then went to the Methodist Church that was serving a pancake breakfast.  For $9 we got 2 pancakes and 2 sausages.  Obviously over priced but I did get 3 more pancakes and 2 more sausages.  DD got a couple more pancakes also.  He got coffee and I had orange juice.  It filled us up.  Then to the bleachers and found out we had great seats.  The stairs up go up in the center.  We thought that seat 0 and 00 were either on the far left or far right.  They were actually at the top of the stairs.  So we had leg room, a back since we were at the top and we could stand if we wanted and we would not be in anyones way.

The parade started at 8a and got to us at 8:15a.  It was really cool to see the floats in person.  They somehow seem more brighter in person than on TV.  We actually got to hear the marching bands since on TV they go to commercial or talk about the sponsors when the marching bands are on.  There are much more space between the floats, bands or horses.  Which is why the hosts can talk about the floats for so long.  The floats go by faster in person.  It was a really cool and fun experience.

About 10:15a the parade ended and we walked back to the car.  It was messy getting to the freeway but once we were on it there was no major traffic.  It was about noon when we got to DD house and I took a 2 hour nap.  We then ate at Ruby’s.  Then back home.  Called Ron back since he had called earlier.  Talked to him for about 50 minutes.  Then DD and I watched Mr. Holmes.  Another slow movie we originally thought would be interesting.  It was really slow.  It had three different stories going on and still boring.  Had a couple of small twists at the end but really not worth it.  This was also a 4 star movie.  About Sherlock Holmes at age 93 is starting to forget a lot and is trying to write down his last case but he is having trouble remembering.  His housekeeper and her kid live with him.  By talking to the kid, he begins to remember the case and starts writing it down.  Ian McKellen is Sherlock Holmes and is the only reason the movie was not even more boring.

Well off to bed.  Happy New Year and may this year be amazing and filled with my hopes and dreams.

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Going To My Regular Places

So DD and I ate at the Market Place.  I had the chicken gyro again.  It is really good.  We then went to the spots I use to go regularly.  First was the Point Ferman Lighthouse.  I really like going there because of the lighthouse and the view of the ocean.

The next place is what I call the Reef based on the area near the Reef restaurant.  We can see across the water to Shoreline Village and downtown Long Beach.  We walked to the Queen Mary to where people were lining up for the New Years Party on the boat.  DD and I had done it last year and it kind of sucked.

Then back to DD’s, had sandwiches that I made and watch The Final Countdown.  A movie about watching planes take off and land on an aircraft carrier.  Not really but that is what if felt like it was about.  Basically about an aircraft carrier that is transported into the past just before Pearl Harbor is attacked in WWII and before they can stop it, they get transported back.  A slow movie that we could not believe we were watching but had to see it to the end since we had to have some reason we watched it.  It did have a nice twist at the end but really not worth it.

Well off to bed.  We have to get up at 4a tomorrow.

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The Family Heads Home

DD, Mom, Bonnie, AD, JK, JK’s Mom, my nephew and I went to Polly’s Pie for lunch.  Their last day in town.  Then back to DD’s to hang out.  JK wanted to hear some of DD’s records and plays a Bee Gee’s album.  It was fun.  My nephew called it a party in the back room.  Then Marcine came over and took the family to the airport.  And ends the family vacation until the summer.  It was fun having them here.

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Universal City Walk

Mom and Bonnie came by DD’s to hang out.  Bonnie then left and the rest of us went to the Universal City Walk.  We ate at Hard Rock Cafe and saw a lot of original signed instruments like Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein Guitar and Paul McCartney’s bass.  We then walked around.  I went to The Los Angeles Sock Market and got a pair of socks with music on it.  They look fun.  AD, my nephew, Mom and I got Voodoo Donuts.  Mom and I got and ate 2 donuts.  JK and DD got frozen yogurt next door.

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Another Star Wars Movie

DD, Mom, AD, JK, JK’s Mom, my nephew, Bonnie and I went to eat at Ruby’s.  I had found out that this is Mom’s first time at the Market Place Ruby’s.  Mom and I had been to the Seal Beach Pier Ruby’s in 2009.  JK’s Mom took Bonnie home and the rest of us walked around Market Place.  Then DD, AD, JK and I went to see the new Star Wars movie The Last Jedi.  It was a fair ride.  AD thought it was rewritten by a bunch of writers.  The story just went everywhere.  Other than Luke and Leia, I had no emotional connection with any of the other characters.

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Down to the Comedy Club

JK, AD, DD, Mom, Bonnie, my nephew, JK’s Mom and I went to the buffet at El Torito.  Then to Bonnie’s to help set up her iPad to her Wifi.  Then DD, JK, AD and I went to Hermosa Beach to go to the Comedy  Club.  We arrive at Hermosa Beach early so we walked on the pier and walked around the stores near the pier.  Then to the comedy club to see the 10 comedians comedy show.  They were really funny and we all laughed a lot.

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Miniature Golf and Downtown Disney

DD, Mom, AD, JK, my nephew and I went to Camelot Miniature Golf.  We tend to go there when ever we all come to California.  Still fun and we take a fun and silly picture holding the golf balls.  We then went to Downtown Disney and ate at the Rainforest Cafe.  My nephew really like the place.  Then walked around the rest of Downtown Disney.

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Wesołych Świąt

Christmas Day started with DD, AD, JK, my nephew, Mom, Bonnie and I going to 11:30a mass.  Then to IHOP.  Then hung out at DD’s until about 4p and went to Marcine and Mike’s.  The rest of the family like Melissa, Michelle and Megan, Tina and their guys and kids.  Lots of little kids.  About 4 years ago was just us adults.  Ate and had fun talking with everyone.

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