The Complicated Task Of Going Home.

Left the hotel and proceeded to go to New York.  Then around New York to Queens to JFK airport.  The traffic sucked.  Finally made it to the car rental place, took the shuttle.  Then had to take a train to our terminals.  Since there is security at each terminal and no way to move from terminal to terminal, DD and I had to say bye on the train.  He went to Terminal 5 and I when to Terminal 8.  Finally made it to the gate.  What an ordeal.  Then made it home.  Now to sleep in my comfy bed.

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Back Down To New York

Stayed at the house hanging out with them until 1p.  Then left for New York.  What a mess.  Traffic all the way down.  People complain about LA traffic?  At least LA traffic moves at a decent pace.  This is a parking lot all the way down with a few spots clearing up.  We finally made it over the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey to see the back side of the Statue of Liberty and the New York skyline at 9p.  It was dark by then.  Then to the Ramada Plaza Hotel.

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Back to Boston To Visit Family

We left Portland and headed for Boston to stay with my cousin Melissa and her family.  Traffic in Boston sucks.  It is a parking lot on the freeway and the roads twist all over the place.  Finally made it to her house.  She has two kids, a boy age 5 and a girl age 3.  She made spaghetti and salad.  Yummy.

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Up to Portland Maine

Left Plymouth and stopped in Boston.  DD wanted to go to the JFK Presidential Library.  DD really liked it.  Then up to New Hampshire for a lighthouse in the distance since it was a coast guard base and was only open for the fort.  Still got it on my 55-210mm lens with the Olympus attachment.

The Whaleback Lighthouse just down the harbor is actually in Maine. 

I took the picture of the Whaleback Lighthouse in the same place as the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse was taken.

Then to Portland, Maine.  Had dinner at Street and Co.  Sat outside next to a cobblestone road.  What a nice atmosphere.  I had the local fish called Hake with local vegetables.  It was good.  Then to the Portland Head Lighthouse. 

This lighthouse has been in so many calendars I have bought over the years that I always wanted to see it.  I have now touched it.

Just over the water was Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse.

Then to Bug Light Park to see the skyline of Portland.  In the park was the Portland Breakwater Lighthouse they nicknamed “Bug Light”.

Then to Saco to our hotel Rockhill Inn.

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At The Tip Of Cape Cod

Had breakfast at the Picnic Box.  I had a cheese omelet with provolone.  Then to some lighthouses to see and take pictures of.

One is the Bass River (West Dennis) Lighthouse which is now the Lighthouse Inn.

Then to the Chatham Lighthouse.

While there there was a sign saying that this is where the coast guard saved people of a big ship during a storm which inspired the movie “The Finest Hour”.  So DD had seen the movie and wanted to see the boat that saved the people.  So we went to Orleans and saw the CG-36500 boat.  I took a picture with DD next to the boat.

Then to the Nauset Lighthouse.

Then walked to the Three Sisters Lighthouse.  It is actually 3 lighthouses together.  Very unique.

Then to our next lighthouse was Highland Lighthouse.

We made it in time to actually be able to climb the lighthouse tower to the top.  What a view.  DD really liked it.  He bought a patch, bought me a cool jacket and I bought a miniature of the lighthouse.  We then drove to the tip of Cape Cod and had a sandwich.  I got pulled pork.

Managed to get a picture of Race Point Lighthouse in the distance.

Then drove down to Plymouth and saw Plymouth rock.  It is the actual rock.  Then to the Comforts Inn in town.


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Exploring Cape Cod

Today we headed to Cape Cod.  Had breakfast-lunch at Friendly’s and headed off.  Saw Butler Flats Lighthouse out on the water.

We then went and walked around Fort Taber with Clark’s Point Lighthouse on top of it.

DD really liked the fort.  We separately walked around it.

We then walked over to the military museum.  Very humbling.  It had stuff from many wars from the gulf wars to all the way back to the world wars.  Many things were donated by people who had the stuff in their attic which belonged to their dad or grandparents.

Then to Nobska Point Lighthouse.

We then stayed in town at the Town and Beach Motel.  A nice place.

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Continuing To Cape Cod

DD went to church.  When he came back we headed to north east.  Ate at a place DD picked.  He had a tuna salad and I had an omelet.  Then to quickly see the Stonington Lighthouse.

Then to Rhode Island to see the Point Judith Lighthouse.

Then to Beavertail Lighthouse.

Stopped in Newport and saw the Newport Harbor Lighthouse on Goat Island.

Then to the Castle Hill Inn to see another one.  But first we had some good clam chowder.  Then took pictures of the Castle Hill Lighthouse.

While there we saw people just sitting outside ready to watch the sunset with a glass of wine.  It was getting dark and needed a place to stay and found Knights Inn.


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On Our Way To Cape Cod

Had lunch in New Haven at a great place called Breakfast and Lunch at the Corner.  Found a parking spot right in front of the place and sat outside on a lovely day.

We both had the Cuban breakfast tacos which were really good.  Then walked next door and got a cupcake.  DD got a mini one and I got a normal size one.  They were really good.  Went to New Haven and saw the Old New Haven Lighthouse at Five Mile Point.

Also saw the New Haven Breakwater Lighthouse there.

Then to New London for a stupid private lighthouse the Saybrook Inner Lighthouse at Lynde Point.

Also there was the Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse.

Then one at the University of Connecticut – Avery Point Campus, Avery Point Lighthouse.

And The New London Ledge Lighthouse.

A nice view and DD really liked it there.  He sat on a bench and watched 2 tall ships go by while I took pictures.  Also managed to get the private one across the water, the New London Harbor Lighthouse.

We then ate at Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock.  I had a lobster wrap and DD had the Captain’s Combo while looking at the Harbor.

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Off to Connecticut

Went to eat lunch at Subway just past Queens.  Then drove through New York.  They drive nuts.  They park on the side of the rode in a lane and they sometimes drive and do not pick a lane.  With no where to really park, I took pictures in the moving car.  Some came out really good.  Then headed north east to Connecticut.  Saw the Stratford Point Lighthouse.

It is owned by the Coast Guard so no entry.  Still amazing to see.  Then to the Red Ruff Hotel in Milford, Connecticut.

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Off To New York

DD and I, after an hour delay, flew the over 5 hours flight to New York JFK airport.  Landed around midnight.  Got our rental car and headed to Jamaica (near Queens) to our Hotel.  An ok hotel.  Good bed but the air condition was not strong so it was warm all night and did not sleep well.

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