The Delayed Flight Home

We all had the free breakfast at the hotel. Then DD and I took the shuttle to the airport. Since DD and I fly out of different airlines, we said bye when the shuttle got to my airline. Then found out that my flight was delayed 40 minutes. Luckily the flight from Dallas to Lafayette was also delayed so I made it home. My place was fine and nothing bad happened with Hurricane Barry that came by weeks earlier. I had Brian open the door and Susan had taken the car just in case my place flooded again. Barry apparently weakened enough by the time it got to Lafayette but it made a mess out of New Orleans and the coast cities. So I am home and now to edit pictures, compose and do more photoshoots.

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Aquarium in Seattle

We walked to the Space Needle to take a free shuttle to the aquarium. It was a fun aquarium. Not as many animals as in the one in Long Beach but it was fun. Ate at a place near Pikes Place. I had salmon and also had salmon chowder. It was a little spicy and quite good. We then walked to Amazon Go where there is no cash register. You just pick out what you want and just walk out and the app knows what you grabbed. Pretty cool. AD got me a bag from there. Since it was now almost 8p and DD was worried about AD driving 4 and a half hours home tired for all the walking, he also got them a room to stay. So instead of today, we will get to say bye tomorrow.

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Seattle From the Water

We took a monorail and the walked (quite a bit) to Pikes Place Market. We ate at Piroshky’s and we all got a Piroshky. They were really good. Then to the Can Can show. It was the family version so it was tame. Only 4 performers in the show. Got tickets to the Harbor Cruise and then walked around the stores near by. I bought a cool looking, hand painted looking Seattle thimble with a whale on top of it. We then went on the 5:25p harbor cruise. It was really fun to see the Seattle skyline from the water. Also saw a lot of the docks that tugboats, transport ships and Coast Guard ice breakers dock. We even saw dry docks. We then walked to bubble gum alley where the walls are covered in bubble gum. Then walked to Cheesecake Factory. Had something to eat and of course had to have cheesecake. Then walked to the monorail which took us to the Space Needle. We then walked back to the hotel. Ya. A lot of walking.

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Space Needle

Today went to the Space Needle. We went all the way up. It is really cool up there. The level below has glass floors and it rotates slowly. Then to the Pacific Science Museum. Looked at the kid exhibits, watched a laser show, watched a planetarium show. We then went to the Museum of Pop Culture. It was pretty cool. It had the headpiece of the Staff of Ra from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Luke’s Lightsaber, tron outfit, guitars of Carl Perkings and Prince. Lots of cool stuff. It was a cool place. We then ate at the food court so we could to the Space Needle at night. Well we did for about 15 minutes before the bubble show began and had to leave. I only got 3 pictures of an already set sun. We could have ate somewhere better, rested our feet, not have my expectations and excitement go up. But that is what happens with the bubble. So back to the hotel to rest.

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The Drive to Seattle

We took the 4 to 5 hour drive to Seattle. Stopped at a Columbia River Gorge which looked cool. Saw some mountain deer. Then to the Petrified Forest (which was not much). Stopped in Ellensburg at Love’s and ate at Subway and they got the junk food they normally get went they go to Seattle. Drove over the mountains with lots of trees. Finally made it to are hotel in Seattle. Got the city pass and ate at the hotel restaurant.

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Hanging Out in Spokane

So today we went to eat lunch at Red Robin. Their regular hang out. We then went to the flower gardens and the rose gardens. The flower gardens look so different then they did in the winter covered with snow. Then they got some stuff for the drive tomorrow at Fred Meyer. Then to Panda Express and to AD’s to hang out.

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Today DD and I started packing for the Spokane – Seattle Trip. We had lunch at Ruby’s. Dropped DD off and went to Bonnie’s to hang out for about an hour. Then passed by my house for the first time since it was sold 10 years ago. Had to see it. Tired of being afraid of things from the past. Time to really live in the moment. So back to DD’s to help clean up his place and Bill came to take us to the airport. So here I am in Spokane. Such a weird trip. Just saw everyone a few days ago. I come up here and it feels like I am visiting them for the first time this summer. Well off to more vacation.

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Helped DD do laundry and fold stuff. We then went to Pancake House for lunch. I was craving a cheese omelet. We both took about an hour nap. We then went to the Seal Beach Pier. While I was there we saw dolphins. Some even jumped. I tried my best to photograph then jumping out of the water. What an incredible sight. Had some Stone Cold Creamery Ice Cream while looking at the water. Then back home. DD started packing and then went for sushi at a new place. Good sushi. Their problem is that half of their rolls uses imitation crab. It is not crab, it is a stupid fish. How stupid are they. Then back to DD’s for more packing.

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Meeting An Old Friend

Mom, DD, AD, JK, my nephew, Bonnie, Carol and I went to Souplantation. Then back to DD’s to hang out before Mom, AD, JK and my nephew flight back to home to Spokane. Marcene came over early to hang out before taking them to the airport. Showed my modeling pictures to Bonnie. Took her to target to get a wall outlet for her new Kindle AD bought for her.

Around 9p I went to Hollywood to meet Sidney, a former student of SLCC who now works in the costume and art department at Universal. I met Sidney at a place called Mini Bar. We had not seen each other in almost 10 years. It was so much fun catching up with her.

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Into The Woods

DD, AD, JK, Mom, my nephew and I went to 11:30a mass. Then had lunch at Taco Bell. We then went to see the musical “Into the Woods” at the theater company called Stages. They did a great job. Not a big fan of the 2nd Act. But it is a funny musical. We then picked up Bonnie and Carol and went to Ruby’s so my nephew and I can celebrate our B-Days together. They sang the song and we got a sundae and a Ruby hat. It was fun. Then back to DD’s to hang out. Played video games with my nephew on his switch.

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