Off to Home

DD took me to the Orange County airport. We had lunch at a place just near it. Then off to home. Uneventful. Then Susan came to pick me up. It always feels weird being home in a quiet house after being with the gang for a couple of weeks. Schools starts this week so I have a little prep work to do.

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The Gang Going Home

I picked Mom up and took her to DD’s to drop off her luggage. Then Mom, DD, AD, JK, my nephew and Carol went to Polly’s for lunch. Marcine came by a little later. Then back to DD’s to hang out before they all leave for the airport. When they left, DD and I went to the store to get bread and rice cakes for Bonnie. Then back to DD’s and at 7p I went to meet my long time friend Jennifer Redwine at Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant. It was great seeing her. Then back to DD’s. Finished the last of the Tillamook ice cream and leftover store bought brownie bites of JK’s. And watched a couple of episodes of the Kominsky Method on Netflix. It is really funny. We were both laughing a lot. Off to home tomorrow.

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More Hangout at DD’s

Mom (who I picked up), DD, AD, JK, my nephew and Carol ate at Subway. We then hung out at DD’s. Carol brought a Claim Jumper (from a store) chocolate cream pie. It was really good.
I then took Mom back to Bonnie’s and the gang picked me up and went to Cosco to get more water. Then to DD’s for a final hangout since they will be leaving tomorrow.

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Knott’s Berry Farm

DD, AD, JK, my nephew and I went to Knott’s Berry Farm. We did not arrive there until noon. Then we ate a pizza. Then the shooting driving ride my nephew likes. Then the mine ride. Then a show but in Camp Snoopy. While they did that I went to the museum and saw the Edison cylinder player and the Victor record player. And then got some fudge. They finished watching the show and came to meet me. I think we then went to Johnny Rockets. After a 30 minute wait, we got seated. Then saw another show near the train (Usually circus like but this time Christmasy.) By about 8p we finally did rides. AD and my nephew did the hat ride, I did the swings with my nephew. We did the sky cabin. I did the Excelorator and AD walked and did the Pony Express ride. By 11p the park closed and we left.

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DD, Mom, AD, JK and my nephew had lunch at Cheesecake Factory at the Cerritos Mall. I had a skinnylicious pot pie and of course a tuxedo cheesecake. Then hung out at DD’s. I then took Mom home in the evening.

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New Years Eve

DD, AD, JK, my nephew and I left DD’s house. We dropped JK off at Red Lobster so she could eat with her mom. They dropped me off at Bonnie’s so I could get Mom and drive the car over and meet them at Souplantation. I then took Mom to Ralph’s so she and Bonnie could have some food on the house. I paid for the groceries and dropped them and Mom off at Bonnie’s. The gang picked me up and stopped at DD’s for a bit. Then headed to Fullerton for First Night. It was ok. There were just 4 different rock cover bands. We went to a museum that was still open with old fender and CBS guitars and Portuguese street artists. We walked around the first night area and eventually stopped at a burger place. AD and I got a chicken sandwich and AD, JK, my nephew and I got shakes. I got a cookies and cream shake. DD went next door and got a coffee. We walked to a band playing Latin American music. When they stopped we walked to an 80’s cover band. At 11:30p they stopped and walked to the last band (which is the main stage) which played more 80’s. Then at midnight was the fireworks show. There were some cool looking fireworks.
My phrase this year is “own it.”

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Tide Pools

DD, AD JK, my nephew and I got a late start. We ate at Chick-fa-lay. We were originally going to go to the Tar Pits. But since it closed at 5p and it was already about 1p, DD and I took them to San Pedro. It was a place near the were where DD would have lunch when he was working. DD took me down there before the gang came but this time it was low tide. So there were tide pools. I took some more pictures and some more sunset pictures. JK was also taking pictures and AD was videoing.
Then JK and I went to get Chinese near DD’s house, DD got Vietnamese noodles and AD got a sandwich. We then went to DD’s and watched Wall-E.

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LA and Hollywood

DD, AD, JK and my nephew went to mass. I went to Target to get a heating pad and a Subway sandwich for Mom. She is still not feeling well and has not been since they arrived. Her back hurt a week before she arrived. She thinks that she hurt it shoveling snow. My nephew was sick before they arrived and was getting better when they arrived. But Mom probably got his cold (or flu) and is not feeling well from that either.

So DD, AD, JK, my nephew and I went to the LA Science Center. JK and I were taking pictures. Her with her Sony a6000 and me with my little Sony HX99 camera. AD with his Canon video camera. We then went to Hollywood to Madam Tussauds museum which has a lot of wax figures of popular actors and some singers. It is next to the former Mann Chinese Theater. In this museum you can stand right next to the wax figure and take a picture. It was fun.

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Kimberly Time

Kimberly and I had lunch at El Torito. Then she wanted to get some pants at Old Navy for her Desert Hot Springs trip with David. As we were walking to the car, across the parking lot was a Suzie Cakes. So off we went and got some cupcakes. We both got vanilla and she got a lemon one for David. Then to Signal Hill and helped her with her new Samsung Galaxy S10 phone. We then went to eat at Hof’s Hut. It was a fun day hanging out with her.

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The Seal Beach Pier

Mom, DD, AD, JK, my nephew and I ate at Hof’s Hut. We then went to the Seal Beach Pier.

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