Spent most of the day in front of the computer backing up all the pictures from my phone, my camera and stuff from AD off the portable hard drive.  That is a lot of computer work.

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So Much Laundry

Today was unpacking and doing 3 loads of laundry.  It took most of the day with a small break to Walk-Ons with Brian.  I am tired.  Bed time.

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The Flight Home

Today I got up at 8a to finish packing the things I needed in the morning.  Then left to the Orange County Airport.  Ate at Flame Broiled.  I healthy place with flame broiled chicken, vegetables and rice in a bowl.  It was really good.  Then to the airport.  The flight was uneventful and my friend Susan came to pick me up.  After 36 days of vacationing, I am finally back home.

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Last Day in So Cal

Last day in So Cal for 6 months.  Had lunch at Ruby’s.  Then the long process of repacking all my luggage.  Stuff I took and bought on the cruise, the stuff I left at DD’s and all the things I bought.  Had El Pollo Loco at DD’s house and watched You Tube.  First watched trucks try to make it under a low underpass.  Then some comedians.

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The Best Spaghetti Ever

Yesterday we got an early walk off ticket since we can carry our luggage off the ship.  So this morning we got up at 7a, got our last breakfast buffet and walked off the ship by 8:10a.  It was so easy.  The Carnival Cruise we took last year was a mess.  We all walked off in a long line with music blasting at 8a with the crew all smiles and waving.  A mess.  Walked to the parking lot and got the car.  Then we took the drive down the 5.  We stopped to eat at Andersen’s split pea restaurant.  Had a great tuna salad.  While talking to our waitress she mentioned how the 101 is a prettier drive.  Then DD thought of the restaurant off the 101 that has the best spaghetti we both have ever had.  So we crossed over the mountains to the 101 and went north a little to get to Cambria.  There in Cambria was Lombardis.  Got the spaghetti with meat sauce and meatballs. (Has to be meat sauce.  I did just marinara once and it was not the same.)  So it was delivered to our table and wow.  Still the best we have ever had.

Then down the 101 until LA and then to DD’s house at midnight.  We are so tired.  What is funny is all day we had not felt it until we were brushing our teeth now and getting ready for bed.  We felt like we were still rocking on the ship.  Since our cabin was near the front and lower to the sea we felt the ship rock more in our room then the rest of the ship.  So getting ready for bed triggered it feeling.  It is really funny.  Ok.  So tired.  Night.



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The Last Day at Sea

Last day at sea before landing at San Francisco.  It has been a really fun and relaxing cruise.  I love traveling with my dad.  Got up late around 11a I think and went to the buffet.  We then went to the last dance lesson which was salsa.  We just sat in back and watched.  Apparently the dance teacher Tais saw me way in back and near the end of the class yelled out “Hi Eric” and asked if I could come down and dance with someone who did not have a partner.  So I did.  At the end of class we gave each other a hug.  She is going back to Brazil for her 2 months off to see her grandmother who is sick and may not see here after her next time off.

There was in the same room after the dance class an iPhone seminar on how to work the phone. DD wanted to stay and it help him and I had a chance to show him things like folders and the emergency number part of the phone.  Then to happy hour at the Wheelhouse and talked to a retired Navy submarine vet.

We then went upstairs and ate.  Since we had nothing else to do we saw the Voice of the Ocean.  Not my thing but all the banter was fun.  Then had our last evening snack.  I had my usual ham and cheese croissant and DD gets about 10 pieces of cheese.  This time I also had a milk and DD green tea.  Talked for a bit and it was time for bed.


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Hanging Out in Victoria, Canada

The ship docked at Victoria, Canada at 7a. 7a?  We got up a little after 8a.  We both had been here 3 years ago and saw a good part of the island so we did not book any excursions.  We ate at the buffet and then took a shuttle to downtown because our dock again was 40 min away by walking.  We saw the harbor again and walked around downtown.  The ship was only going to be docked there for a short time and we would have to be on the ship by 1:30p and it would leave by 2p.  So by 12:15p after so many days of walking, waking up early and being cold, we took the shuttle back to the ship and took a nap.  A couple hours later we went to the back of the ship and saw the ship leave dock and head out to sea.  We Talked to a retired middle school teacher during the happy hour buy one get one for a $1 at the Wheelhouse.  So I got a Key Lime Martini and DD got and Irish coffee.

We then went to the buffet to eat then went early to get a seat for the evening show. Today was a solo singer who use to sing on broadway backed by the Princess band which was alto sax, trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, piano and drums.

Then was a Beatles trivia game.  Then was the party with the quartet band in the atrium with a balloon drop.  I of course had to get in the middle of it.  It is midnight and time for bed.

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Nothing But A Ship in the Ocean

Today was a day at sea and we got up late, like 11a.  Went to the Rhumba dance class. Then went to the buffet to eat.  Then just wandered around the ship.  We ended up in the atrium with me reading my band arranging book and DD playing a game on his phone.  By 5p people were started to show up dressed for formal night and waiting in line to have their picture taken on the steps.  Oh please let me pay for an overpriced picture that will have the words formal night on it.

We then went and got dressed with a dress shirt and a sports jacket.  No tie.  I hate ties. We then went to the show.  This time it was on dancers and choreographers in musicals. It was a really good show and even learned a little about important choreographers.  A lot of quick costume changes also.

So then decided to eat at one of the restaurants.  We picked Da Vinci.  I had an Alaskan dish, the Rockfish and DD had ravioli.  They were very good.  For dessert I had the creme brûlée and DD had the New York cheesecake.  Then walked around the ship a little more, I got some milk and back to our room for sleep.  Tomorrow we dock at Victoria.

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The Amazing Glacier in Tracy Arm

Today we got up at 6a.  6a?  Why you say?  Well we started up Tracy Arm to see a glacier at the end of the inlet.  The ship was in and out from 6a to 10a.  It was not easy getting up and it was 40.6 degrees standing on the bow of the ship.  We got up.  Had something which to eat and went outside.  We got to check out a blanket which helped.  The surrounding mountains was an amazing sight and seeing pieces of the glacier passing us in the water.  And the we arrived.  What an incredible sight.  Parts of it were blue.  Then on the way out we saw lots of waterfalls created by the snow melting.  After we were out we were so tired and cold, we went back to our room and slept for 3 hours until 1p.

The rest of the day was eating and watching the last of Alaska from the back of the ship.  Then watched a show called Motor City about the music Motown and a few later tunes from Detroit.  It was a good show.  We move our clocks forward tonight.  It is midnight and we are tired.  Night.

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A Cool Glacier in Juneau, Alaska

Today we landed in Juneau.  Our excursion was at 10:35a and our first stop was the salmon hatchery.  We saw the salmon ladder and the container with lots and lots of little salmon.

Our next stop was the Mendenhall Glacier.  What a sight and seeing the blue color off the glacier.  We only had an hour and 15 minutes there so we had to hike fast one mile to the Nugget Falls and a closer look at the glacier.  It was amazing to see in person.

The last and final stop was at the man made Glacier Gardens which is still owned by the guy who created it.  He also uses dead trees to create his upside down trees.

The tour bus dropped us off downtown if we wanted or to the ship.  We got off downtown and walked around the shops.  DD got a nice Alaska hat.  I was looking for a cool looking thimble like I found in Katchikan.  But did not find one.  I did find a cool looking four dollar t-shirt.

Then the walk back to the ship.  There are 5 ports and our ship ends up at the farthest port.  A mile away from downtown.  Finally on the ship and tired we ate at the buffet. Then watched the the scenery as the ship left the dock in the rain.

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