12 Hours and 3 Planes

Love traveling, hate flying. This time is was not bad. I had an aisle seat on all three planes. The first one to Seattle was a short trip. Then a 2 1/2 layover. Then to Houston.

So ok, what kind of crap is this? This is poor excuse for a divider between first class and us peasants. “Oo, they do not want to completely see us. The only want to see us through a sheer material.” Pathetic. 👎

Sheer Sheet.

Then another 2 1/2 layover. Then back home to Lafayette. Off to sleep in a real bed. Zzzzzz!

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A Day After New Years

So today I started packing for tomorrow I fly home. AD had his first day of teaching so at 1p we all went downtown to Tomato Street. It is an Italian restaurant that I went to with then in North Spokane 4 years ago. Now there is one closer downtown. I had blackened chicken fettuccine alfredo with bacon bits in it. It was really good. Then to an antique like store where vendors have their owns spots. AD and JK are still looking for a dresser for my nephew. They think the might have found one but it may be too big. Then we went to Krispy Kreme. AD, JK and I got 2 and my nephew 1. Then to AD’s to hang out. DD and I fly out early so Mom and I went to her place around 8:30p. I finished packing and now for bed.

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A Happy New Year

Today we all went to Pancake House. I got my regular cheese omelet but this time I had cupcake pancakes. They were sweet and good. Then to an antique store. AD and JK are looking for a new dresser for my nephew. I found a cool orange Hot Wheels car that I am thinking of having in my office. I bought my nephew a Hot Wheels car he wanted.

Then we all went to AD’s to play a board game where one team is given a topic and the other team has to try to guess all 10 of the answers. I think the game was called Outburst Jr. One was musical instruments that you have to blow to play or what kind of things you do at Christmas. Then AD took Mom home and I played with my nephew on his new Switch video game.

Then drove back to Mom’s. Hope this year has great and positive things for me.

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Another End of a Year

We all got a late start. I talked to Mom and played a little piano. AD and the gang came by around 2:30p and went downtown. We ate at the food court. I had an enchilada and then had some brownie ice cream on a brownie from Ben and Jerry’s. We then played a board game called something like “Would You do This” You roll the dice and once you move you pick card. The number you land on is the number of the question you answer. It is usually a gross question and everyone else with a chip guesses what you answered. It was fun.

Then rode the sky way. It had new cars since I rode it 4 years ago. It passes over Spokane Falls. Then went to the carousel. AD, my nephew and I rode it. Then JK and I were taking pictures waiting until the fireworks started at 9p. It was too cold to wait outside. The fireworks were at 9p for kids New Year and to coincide with the east coast. The fireworks display was weird. There were so many fireworks in the air to almost look like a finale. The whole thing lasted 4 minutes. Huh? Were they cold or something or did the have a party to get to? That was just weird. Then dropped Mom off and I hung out at AD’s. About 5 minutes until midnight AD found some NY ball dropping show. Watch the ball drop and then went back to watching Batman Begins. We really were not watching it. It just happened to be on after we saw the last part of Superman 2.

My word for the new year is “Create”.

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Leaving the Lake

DD, AD, JK and my nephew went to church. I stayed asleep. When they came back we went to put our stuff into the car and had brunch at Dockside. Then back to Spokane, dropped off Mom. I went to AD’s to play with my nephew. We played with a couple of his “Jumpies” and pretended that they were on the beach on a towel. He made the little rafts with a drinking straw and a glue gun. It was so cute. We then played with a balloon he got from Red Robin and pretended it was a beach ball. What a creative and imaginative kid.

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Coeur d’Alene

We arrived at the hotel on the lake at I think about 3p and check in was at 4p. We were able to be checked in early. Then had lunch-dinner at Dockside, which is the hotel restaurant. Mom went back to the room to rest and the rest of us walked around the “Main Street” which was decorated for Christmas. Both JK and I were taking various pictures with are camera. I am taking mostly seanic pictures and JK was taking more street photography.

We went into an Irish store and DD saw a hat that he liked that looked like the kind of hat Uncle Pete wore but it was $80. So he was not going to get it. AD came up to me and said DD really wants this hat and we should each pay half. So we did. Merry Christmas DD. I took a picture with DD and his new hat with a nice bokeh of blurred colors in the background and posted it on Facebook. So far it has 50 likes from my friends and his.

We then came back to the room to hang out until the cruise on the lake. The cruise was scheduled for 7:30p. We arrived to a roped area that should have been filled with people lining up but no one was there. Except one worker guy which told us that it was cancelled due to the wind. We found out later that the coast guard had cancelled it.

So we went back to Dockside and had dessert. Then up to the room to sleep. We did not a good sleep. You see we were all in one room with 2 double beds. AD and JK in one, Mom and I in another, my nephew on a patted area on the window ledge in front of the window and DD on a couch like thing (which he later put the cushions on the floor and slept there.) DD and I both had these things to put in our nose to stop us from snoring. Well the did not work. It toned down DD’s snoring but not stopped it and did not stop mine. AD woke me up to tell me. So I went to the chair in front of the window, put my feet on the table on pillows and slept there. The bed was too hard anyway. Apparently, I slept better than everyone in the room except DD. I travel with DD many times so I always had my ear plugs. Mom got the least sleep. AD and JK got some. It was an interesting experiment. And it failed.

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Hockey Game

It snowed again last night so I shoveled the driveway. I then helped Mom pick up groceries at Fred Meyer she order online and help her bring them into the house. Then we all ate at Red Robin. I had a sandwich with a turkey patty, avocado and bacon. We then went to the mall. AD and JK had a coupon for a clothing store and used it for stuff for my nephew. Mom and I went to the calendar store for me to find a calendar. I found a nice waterfall one. The rest then came in. We picked up the pottery we did a few days ago. Then dropped Mom off and AD and JK got ready while I played with my nephew. We pretended to be stuck in a video game. We then went a hockey game and saw the minor league team, the Chiefs, play. The other team was a better team and it eventually showed when we lost 1 to 3. It was fun to watch the game. Then they dropped me off at Mom’s and continued with configuring my new phone.

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The Conservatory

Today we all went to the Gaiser Conservatory. It is kind of like a greenhouse. Lots of plants to see. Since it is Christmas, they put lights on some of the plants and some decorations. It was cool going in there and I took some nice pictures. Outside I was told is usually filled with roses which they plant after the winter months. Now the roses are gone, nothing is growing and covered in show. It is surrounded with trees which were covered in snow. It made a great picture. Then ate at a restaurant they had been to many times near there. I had a chicken breast with some sauce, rice and asparagus (which was over cooked). I also had a chocolate silk pie. Then dropped Mom off to her house and JK and my nephew to theirs, AD, DD and I went to the AT&T store. DD said he would get me a new phone which is the Samsung Note 9. The thing is that it is $1000 bucks. So for my Christmas present, he paid for $700 and I paid the rest. It is a great phone. Transferred all my files from my Note 4 to the Note 9. Just have not finished setting it up the way I want. Then to AD’s to hang out.

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Lunch and a Movie

We (minus Mom) went to the downtown mall and ate at the food court. I got a big burrito. We then went to see Dr. Grinch because my nephew wanted to see it. It was better than I thought it was going to be. The voice of the Grinch and the narrator should have been other people, not famous people. Getting a voice acting part should be about the voice, not because that person is famous. Then JK and I walked around the mall taking pictures. It also was snowing today.

We then went back to AD’s. I played with my nephew before we went to bed. Then I was teaching JK about aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

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Wesołych Świąt

We all went to Pancake House for breakfast-lunch. I got my usual which is a cheese omelet with pancakes. But this time I got pumpkin pancakes. They were good. Then to AD’s for my nephew to open presents. AD had something small for everyone. He gave me a Superman key chain as a reminder that I am super and I can do anything. I gave my nephew these slinky like things that wraps around your arm and rolls down it called flow rings or kinetic rings. He really liked them. Then JK and Mom made a simple Christmas dinner with stuffing, mashed potatoes, smoked turkey and vegetables with cheese. I then passed out the Opłatek and wish everyone a new year for our dreams and wishes to come true. For dessert was cupcakes or pumpkin pie. I chose the pumpkin pie.

Played with my nephew some more. When he went to bed I talked to JK more about her new camera. I also order her through Amazon a Neewer 35mm F/1.7 manual lens. It was only $82 and I also got her a lens case. I wanted her to have a portrait lens with a wide aperture and a manual lens to get use to focusing. Ok. Time for bed. Merry Christmas.

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