Animal Watching

Had a busy day.  Gave exams for my 3 music appreciation classes and started grading them.  

Then went to my haircut appointment.  Tried a new cutting person in a new place. She did a nice job. The hair washing included a head massage. It was so relaxing.

I then met up with my friend Ben at the Zoo of Acadiana. He teaches a wildlife class and he takes his class on this field trip every semester. Since I had never been to this zoo, he invited me to come. It is a small zoo. We did have a chance to talk to a couple of zookeepers. One was sitting in the fox cage. Saw a giraffe which made me think of Mom since it is her favorite animal. Such tall and quiet creatures.

Then went with Ben and his class to Gator Cove to eat. I had gumbo.

Then to meet my friend Kim, her Mom and her Mom’s new guy at a new Asian buffet. Then home. Now that is a crowded day.

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