Friends, New Friends and a Mardi Gras Parade

My day began with meeting a fellow couch surfer, Gil, and his 2 hosts for lunch at the French Press. The 2 hosts were husband and wife from France who just moved here a year and a half ago. It was a delightful lunch with talk of our different cultures. I then went home to do some laundry and met up with Gil before the parade at the Saint Mary Street Inn (which is a new restaurant-bar with an outdoor stage for bands). I had an Acadiana poboy that has chicken andouille. While there I ran into 2 fellow faculty, Patrick and Pat. I also ran into Jasmine (a musicologist I met last year at the Blue Moon Saloon) and a former counselor at my work.

Gil and I went out into the cold (it was 40 feels like 32 by now) to watched the parade. It was fun and in keeping with tradition, I caught something cool. Last year I had caught a stuffed animal or something cool (like a spear in New Orleans) at every parade. This year I caught a tomahawk. This is so cool. I then went back to the Saint Mary’s Street Inn for some gumbo to warm me up. By 9p, I was beat and cold so I went home to play some Diablo with G-Man and DD.

What a weekend!

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