Seattle From the Water

We took a monorail and the walked (quite a bit) to Pikes Place Market. We ate at Piroshky’s and we all got a Piroshky. They were really good. Then to the Can Can show. It was the family version so it was tame. Only 4 performers in the show. Got tickets to the Harbor Cruise and then walked around the stores near by. I bought a cool looking, hand painted looking Seattle thimble with a whale on top of it. We then went on the 5:25p harbor cruise. It was really fun to see the Seattle skyline from the water. Also saw a lot of the docks that tugboats, transport ships and Coast Guard ice breakers dock. We even saw dry docks. We then walked to bubble gum alley where the walls are covered in bubble gum. Then walked to Cheesecake Factory. Had something to eat and of course had to have cheesecake. Then walked to the monorail which took us to the Space Needle. We then walked back to the hotel. Ya. A lot of walking.

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