LA and Hollywood

DD, AD, JK and my nephew went to mass. I went to Target to get a heating pad and a Subway sandwich for Mom. She is still not feeling well and has not been since they arrived. Her back hurt a week before she arrived. She thinks that she hurt it shoveling snow. My nephew was sick before they arrived and was getting better when they arrived. But Mom probably got his cold (or flu) and is not feeling well from that either.

So DD, AD, JK, my nephew and I went to the LA Science Center. JK and I were taking pictures. Her with her Sony a6000 and me with my little Sony HX99 camera. AD with his Canon video camera. We then went to Hollywood to Madam Tussauds museum which has a lot of wax figures of popular actors and some singers. It is next to the former Mann Chinese Theater. In this museum you can stand right next to the wax figure and take a picture. It was fun.

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