New Years Eve

DD, AD, JK, my nephew and I left DD’s house. We dropped JK off at Red Lobster so she could eat with her mom. They dropped me off at Bonnie’s so I could get Mom and drive the car over and meet them at Souplantation. I then took Mom to Ralph’s so she and Bonnie could have some food on the house. I paid for the groceries and dropped them and Mom off at Bonnie’s. The gang picked me up and stopped at DD’s for a bit. Then headed to Fullerton for First Night. It was ok. There were just 4 different rock cover bands. We went to a museum that was still open with old fender and CBS guitars and Portuguese street artists. We walked around the first night area and eventually stopped at a burger place. AD and I got a chicken sandwich and AD, JK, my nephew and I got shakes. I got a cookies and cream shake. DD went next door and got a coffee. We walked to a band playing Latin American music. When they stopped we walked to an 80’s cover band. At 11:30p they stopped and walked to the last band (which is the main stage) which played more 80’s. Then at midnight was the fireworks show. There were some cool looking fireworks.
My phrase this year is “own it.”

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