Today is graduation day. Most people only have to go to a few graduations: theirs, maybe their family and friends but that is it. As a professor in academic, I have to go to one every year. Now add on to the fact that I am a musician. And since musicians play at graduation, I have been to a lot including 3 during high school (I sang in the choir in high school and we sang at every graduation).
At Galveston College the graduation day begins with a breakfast with all the graduates. Then rehearsal. This year they had a baby grand shipped to the convention center for me to play on during graduation. So while they practiced, so did I.
This evening, the actual graduation began. I played Pompous and Boring while the graduates processed in. Then my choir sang a gospel song, Soon I will be done with the troubles of the world. It seems appropriate. I wore my masters robe with the hood I received at my graduation. Thus ending another school year of students, teaching and music fun.

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