The Spring Semester

Now that I have a little time to write here is my schedule this semester.
I added another section of Music Appreciation last semester to make it easier to make my load but it was not in the schedule. This semester it is.
So here is my load.
Monday & Wednesday
9:30-10:45a – Music Appreciation (The new section)
11-12:15p – Fundamentals of Music
2-2:50p – Piano Class (Only Mondays)
3-3:30p – Lesson with Josh. (I am teaching him composition and piano.)
3:30-4:45p – Music Theory
5-5:50 – Piano Class (Only Wednesdays)
Home for dinner on Mondays. On Wednesdays I stay home.
7-9p Choir (Only on Mondays)
Tuesday and Thursday
9:30-10:45a – Music Appreciation (Different section and students)
11-12:15p – History of Rock
2-2:50p – Piano Class (Only Tuesdays)
3:30-5p – Steel Drum Band (I have 8 players this semester)
5:30-6p – A piano lesson with Max
Then home. I have made it a point this semester, with the exception of Mondays, to be home by 6p so I can have a life at home. So if there is anything I can to the next day then I will leave it and go home to relax and compose. I have a lot of classes to teach so I need my evenings for myself. It should be a productive semester.

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