Time for an Update

So it has been over a month since I have written here. This semester has been a whole lot smoother then last semester. I never realized how draining teaching a Saturday class was. I also have all my lectures on power point with listening guides for the music I play during class. And all the power points, listening guides and music for each lecture are in their own folder. This might sound a little anal but it makes things so much easier when having to teach 6 classes. This year it is all about making things easier.
This semester I am teaching 3 Music Appreciation classes, a History of Jazz class and 2 Pro Tools classes. After spending a semester fixing and cleaning up the mess that was left for me in the studio (including computers and mixing boards not working) before I started teaching last semester, I finally have more than half of my problems solved. I added 3 more workstations (which in the original class formation was not able to fit them), updated all the software and finally replaced the large recording board. Now the class is much easier to teach.
Now that I have made things easier teaching, I have more time for myself. Now I have the daunting task of making new friends and new contacts. I have moved to 3 different states in the last decade and it is getting old having to start over again and again. Having more time for myself has giving me a lot of time to think. Think about where I am, how I got here and the past mistakes I have made. The mistakes were the things I should have done but did not take advantage of and things that went on longer that it should have.
From now on, I am going to take advantage of everything around me.

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