Flood Party

Since I have left California I have experienced the effects of 4 hurricanes (riding through Ike) snow in a place that does not usually snow (Galveston and Houston) and experience a tornado warning and having one land 20 miles away.  Now I am experiencing culturally (it is not happening directly to me but it is close) a flood.  The flood is from the Army Corp of Engineers opening the Morganza Spillway to elevate the flooding that will happen to Baton Rough and New Orleans from the Mississippi.

I went to the levee at the Atchafalaya Basin next to Henderson to take pictures of the swamp area before it floods.


I also ate at McGee’s Cafe at McGee’s Landing on the river side of the levee.  When the river floods it will flood this place and wanted to eat there before it was gone for awhile.

I then went to the Turtles Bar which is also on the wrong side of the levee and might be flooded by the end of the week.  It was a flood party filled with locals saying bye to the place.  It was an experience to be in the middle of all this.

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