Showing a Friend Around Marin

A moving surveyor came today. He give me a moving estimate and tentative moving dates. Let the moving fun begin.
Then my friend Silvia from the Santa Anita (near LA County) came through town. We had lunch at Chevy’s. I like their food and their Blue Aguave margarita. I then took her for a walk on the Corta Madera River. I then took her to the Headlands. Now at any other time during the year you could see the entire bay. Well it is summer time and in the summer there is fog. Still nice though.

It was getting late and she wanted to check into her hotel. We then walked to an Italian restaurant called Louisa’s in Pacific Heights. Really good food. We stayed until they closed talking. We later had a really cool conversation with our waitress for at least an hour after it closed. She was also really cute. Ya I know. I then walked Silvia back to her hotel and headed back to my apartment. We said bye and off she went back to her hotel. It was a nice distraction from the chaos of moving.

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  1. Syllie says:

    Eric, I had a blast hanging out with you. At first I was worried cause you kept stressing about the Bekins business, but you finally loosened up and returned to your usual crazy self (after the margarita). I absolutely loved being in a tank top/shorts/sandals in the Highlands in 50 degree weather with the fog rolling in and the wind beneath my shirt. Felt great! I also enjoyed discussing the best and worst musicals ever written, singing 80’s songs (remember Dramarama) and catching up on your life since I last encountered you. I am glad we went to Luisa’s and had pasta and Cabernet and cozy conversation with Patty. Man, I had such a hootin’ good time that once I got back home I chopped all my hair off. Anyway, glad we connected and hope to bring my surfboard to visit you in Galveston, TX. Or as the Mexicans say…TeJAS! Ahua! Ciao babe.

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