From the Island in the Sun

I slept in late. It was so nice. I went to sign the lease and to see my new home. It was just as I pictured it would be. A nice 2 bedroom, 2 story town home. I spent at least 2 hours in my town home, looking around and getting a feel for my new place. It is a block away from the beach and has a nice looking swimming pool and jacuzzi. I will be in the jacuzzi all the time. The funny thing is that I did not really miss the bay area as much as I thought I would. This place almost feels like I am home. Then went to IHOP (which I have called pancake house since I was little) and then went back to my apartment. My electricity will not be turned on until Tuesday. It somehow takes 5 days to turn on electricity here in Texas. Well off to sleep.

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