A Break in the Storm

For the 1st time since I came here, I finally have time to sit and think of the dramatic change that has happened in my life. I am still happy with my decision to move here and the gig I was offered at Galveston College. This week I have been really busy trying to get prepared to teach next week. On Tuesday, I finally had electricity turned on at my apartment so I now have lights and air conditioning. Back in the Bay Area, having air conditioning would be kind of stupid since all I had to do is open the window and cool air would cool the apartment. Now here, you open the window you get wind, but you also get wet heat. So you really need air conditioning. When you are outside your 1st thought is going to a place were there is air conditioning like a building or your car.
Now to the chaos at work. 1st of all, the school is remodeling many of the classrooms and the library during the summer so a lot of the attention has been on that. But that does not help a 1st year teacher’s problems or concerns. I did not found out where the choral music is until Thursday and I did not get the keys to my office until Friday. Between pushing the system to get my key request through, I had to work registration hours every day. It is part of our contract. My job was to give out the parking stickers and help with the ID’s. The staff member, Robert who was taking the ID pictures, is really cool and we have a great rapport. He might actually turn into my 1st friend in Galveston. I finally had time to finish my syllabus for the music appreciation class on Monday. Now that I have finished one the rest should be easy, just cut and paste and change a few things. DD came this evening and will be staying a week to help me when the movers come on September 2nd.

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  1. Lauri says:

    Hi Eric, everyone in the Jazz A-Cappella Choir asked about you last Monday when we had our first meeting. I told them you’d arrived in Galveston and that you were pleased with your new job and apartment. When you have a chance, let us know the latest. Take care!

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