On To the Next Chapter

After a week of hell from finals, grades, a too long professional development
day, packing and dealing with a negative and mean girl from my past (I guess it
is time to throw her stuff away).

I leave on my Christmas vacation with new
possibilities. I am also hoping to find my muse again that somehow has been
stifled by the events and relationships of the past few years.

My new life has already given me some positive signs. While at the airport
waiting for my 1st flight of the day, I ran into a fellow professor who is also
going home for Christmas. Then my friends (a fellow conductor and his wife)
who just walked off a plane, saw me and came over to me to talk. Yes these are small things but one of
the phrases I keep in mind “change is a whisper, a season, it happens slowly and
it is not very dramatic.”

An uneventful flight. My favorite kind. Landed in the massive traffic airport
of LA. Then to find food at 11p. Both Hof’s are now closed at 11p. (One use to
be open until midnight and the other was 24 hours). Claim jumper closed. So we did
find a 24 hour Denny’s. Finally food.

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