Back to Work

On the 5th I went to the college to check email, voice mail, make sure the books for my classes were in the bookstore and to make sure my office was still there.
The 6th was the General Assembly. The assembly starts at 8a and ends at 4:30p. This is a big meeting with the faculty, staff and administration. It includes reports, a state of the college address by the college president and a couple of outside presentations. Some of the faculty and I acted out some scenes during the assembly. They were work related situations in which we showed the wrong and then the correct way to deal with a situation. For example, one of my scenes was talking to my supervisor about respect saying that I give my dogs more respect than she gives me and the scene ended with each of us at each others throats. The audience got a big laugh out of it and it was a really fun to do. This assembly also included free breakfast and free lunch. The quest for free food has begun in the new year.
Today was a not so exciting meeting that went from 9a to about 3p. One good thing about the meeting was the free pizza. I went back to my office to work on Syllabi for my classes. It should be a fun semester.
Here are current pictures of my office.

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