Off to Austin

So Ron and I started out drive to check out Austin, TX for the weekend continuing my adventures of the Texas cities. I had been to Houston many times for dancing and the symphony, San Antonio was in March and now Austin. After going though the “parking lot” of Houston traffic (which is still nothing like LA) we finally see rolling hills. We stopped in Columbus which is an old German community. We had lunch at a Garnett’s which was pretty good. There is an Opera House built in 1886.

We saw also stopped to see a nice view on an outlook.
We finally got to our Hotel in Austin and took a nap. We then went to Jeffrey’s for dinner. A really nice restaurant and the food was really good. I had tuna and a creme brulee for dessert.
We then walked down the famous 6th street where there are clubs lined up and down the street and the street is blocked from traffic. It will be packed on Saturday.

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