Edgar Allan Poe and El Torito

DD, Mom, AD, JK, my nephew, Bonnie, Jean and Carol went to El Torito for lunch to celebrate Carol’s B-Day. A fun lunch. Then DD, AD, JK and I went to the Heritage Square Museum in LA to see “The Assassination of Edgar Allan Poe” in an immersive theater experience. It was fantastic. It was like a “choose your own adventure” in play form. We all were given black robes to wear. Met in front of the church and during the play two characters walked in two different directions and we were to choose which one we were going to follow. Walked into a historical house to watch a scene while others were watching a different scene. It was fun.

We then went to the two bit circus. It is an arcade that has a lot of VR games in there. We had a chicken hot dog and tater tots since we were hungry. We then did a couple of the 5 minute VR games. This one was a maze. It really felt like you were really in that world.

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