My Lighthouse

Mom was at Adam’s place watching the movers pack the truck. They then called me up and went to Pancake House. I wanted to see two of the places I used to go to calm down and think so I had Mom and DD come with me. They are the Reef and the lighthouse. The Reef is a park area near the restaurant called the Reef and the Queen Mary. Across the water is a nice view of Long Beach.

We then went to my lighthouse. The lighthouse is on Point Fermin in San Pedro. The lighthouse is in Victorian style.

I had been taken there since I was little by both of my parents. During my college years I when there many times with my friend John. It is a nice view of the ocean and you can hear the waves crashed against the rocks. Just before I left to Marin a couple of years ago, the lighthouse was in the process of being restored. Now is looks really good and I finally have good pictures of it. We then went to eat at Hoff’s Hut with AD and JK.

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