George is in Town

My friend George came to town to experience the Cajun-Acadiana-Louisiana world.  We met up at the college after teaching a class and joined my friend and fellow professor Micah to Cafe Habana City, a Cuban restaurant.  I then showed him the studio I build at the college and well as the new soundboard.

We then went to the Fresh Market to get the chocolate cake I had told him about.  Really chocolaty.  Then to my place for him to relax after the long drive here.

After a little rest I took him to Dwight’s to experience alligator. So we got some fried alligator and some boudin. He also likes alligator. Then got a text from Ben, a fellow professor so see if we wanted to meet up at the bar Wild Salmon. This place is a real dive but has character including the entertainment which was just a guy singing and playing his guitar. I called Micah to come and Ben called Richard to come. Ben’s friend Kat also came. A great and unique evening.

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