Saying Bye

I took a break from packing nice brown boxes to say bye to the Pacific Ocean. I went to China Camp State Beach which is next to San Rafael. I had not driven through that area before and wanted to see one last new area before leaving to my new home. It is a really pretty area. I could see East Bay across the water. I saw a tree on a very small island just off the coast called Rat Island. I saw meadows with water just beyond it. It was a nice break from packing nice brown boxes. I will post pictures later when I get my computer, as well as the rest of my stuff, delivered to me in Galveston in 2 weeks. Ya, 2 weeks without my stuff. (Long story later.)
Now your are saying, “If your computer is packed, how are you able to write in our web log?” I am using an older laptop that Adam no longer needed. It was nice of him. It is an older and slow but decent computer. At least I have a computer to use. It is an IBM and has a Pentium II with Microsuck Windows 98 on it. It is nice to have at times like these. Back to packing more nice brown boxes.

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