Moving Day

I got very little sleep last night. I got maybe 3 hours. I was just to anxious about the movers coming. They came at a little after 9a and started right into it. They were nice guys. One was from Houston, Texas and the other from Tennessee. (Interesting isn’t it.) They finished at about 3p. It took awhile considering I do not have much furniture. It guess it took longer because I am on the 2nd floor with stairs not an elevator and it is an apartment not a house so it is a little farther to carry stuff to the truck. Since I am the 1st to be loaded onto the truck, I will be the last to unload. The driver has a few more stops and will not even leave California until the 24th. So I will not get my stuff until September 2nd. Now normally people can deal with that but I have an in-service on the 23rd and I start teaching on the 30th without my stuff in my apartment.
I then took my car to Bon Air Shopping to met the car carrier. The driver lives in Houston, Texas. (Do you see a pattern her?) I was getting hungry and with an empty apartment and no car I was going to eat at Chevy’s (walking distance from my apartment). When I arrived at Chevy’s, the manager was turning people away saying they are closed. Closed? It is only 7p. I then heard a high school kid tell her friend, “that’s OK, I do not have to order water.” Hum. So that was out of the question so I went to Mollie Stones grocery store’s deli and got some fried chicken and pesto pasta. Then walked back to my apartment. Alone in my empty apartment. It’s funny. A year ago I probably would have felt sad and lonely but since I have been pretty alone since I moved up here, I have become use to being by myself. I am also going to be in a really good gig in a few days. Well this is my last day and night in Marin County. It has been interesting and I have seen a lot while living here. I have seen almost everything I wanted to see. Ya the gig here did not work out but it allowed me to experience San Francisco and it was the path I had to take to be offered a really cool gig. My next entry will be in Galveston, Texas.

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